Get Fit for Java

You want to be the best you can be. At JGym.IO we help you achieve your dream of becoming a Java expert. It takes dedication, sweat, even tears. Most of all, it takes community spirit and like-minded people to coach you through the tough times.

As software developers, we are building the structures of the Information Age. Not for yesterday’s age but for tomorrow’s. What we create must stand up to the needs of future business and technical demands. This is why our work involves daily innovation. Why we have to learn better ways of doing what we love to do. At JGym.IO, we want to help you to develop the mindset to cope with this constant change. The way the Java language is growing. The subtleties of concurrency. The patterns of code design that make us more efficient. We are like-minded people who strive to be the best we can be.

Welcome to JGym.IO!

What We Offer

Live Courses

Live instructor led courses, where you can ask questions in real time. Get immediate practical experience by solving exercises relevant to your learning. Our sessions run from 7-11am Pacific Time.

Self-Study Courses

You can learn Java from our huge library of self-study courses. Watch, pause, rewind as many times as you like. Ask questions in the Comments section in each lesson.

Personal Coaching

Spend time with a personal coach in a 30 minute session on a topic of your choice. Focus on the things that are important to you. Build your Java muscles so that you can lift the heavy weights in your projects.

Slack Channel

Join the #jgym-rats slack channel to meet other JGym.IO fans. Our slack team is the largest Java slack community in the world, with over 10000 members.

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Monthly Live Courses​
$ 97 Monthly
  • Monthly Live Courses​
  • Self-Study Courses
  • Coaching Sessions


Live and Self-Study Pack
$ 137 Monthly
  • Monthly Live Courses​
  • 9 Self-Study Courses
  • Coaching Sessions


Take your game to another level
$ 3497 Annually
  • Monthly Live Courses​
  • 27 Self-Study Courses
  • 12 Coaching Sessions